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A Complete Service Solution

Innovating for the future of supply chain efficiency, we not only manufacture world-class products but provide the services to back up your operations and get the most out of reusable products.

With flexible ownership terms and innovation driving unmatched traceability of our product range, we can provide digital solutions to increase efficiency and give higher visibility to your asset pool.

Asset Pooling

At Pact, we pride ourselves on having one of the fastest asset pool cycles in the world – ensuring your crates, bins or totes are there when you need them.

With a network of wash and distribution facilities spanning across Australasia, we have created an asset pool solution that has world-class reuse rates and efficiency, enabling faster cycle times and maximising sustainability outcomes.

Track & Trace

Gain higher visibility of your assets

All of our pooling products are Track & Trace Ready, enabling the activation of RFID sensors to provide visibility of your assets throughout their logistical journey. Our RFID systems can be integrated into your warehouse which connects to our wash and distribution centre, providing a seamless view.

Design & Manufacture

Custom solutions for an automated world

With over 40 years of design and engineering experience, we know what it takes to make a product to move things around our vast nation. If one of our existing products does not suit your needs, we can create bespoke products to meet the specific requirements of your project and manufacture at scale.

Wash Facilities

If you have your assets already, we can provide the facilities to wash, sanitise and quality control them for you.

Our facilities have been designed to meet the highest sanitisations standards and are suitable for crates, totes, and bins that travel through the fresh food, protein and poultry industries. With commercial grade high pressure washing, we pride ourselves on providing a zero contamination environment.